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 Version 1.02

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PostSubject: Version 1.02   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:14 am

Various trigger improvements

Updated and fixed the Creep Info on every level
Added more abilities to the creeps
Changed and fixed base terrain
Changed team arena 2 terrain and did some other minor changes team arena 1
Added Respawn Timer in the multiboard
Added balancing command
Added boss units

Rebalanced Inner Fire
Rebalanced Command Aura
Increased Doom's duration from 6 to 8 seconds, reduced mana cost by 25 on level 2 and 3
Rescaled Cleaving Attack
Rescaled Endurance Aura
Spiked Carapace now absorbs and returns any damage taken (didn't absorb and only returned melee damage before)
Nerfed Trueshot Aura a bit
Fixed Unholy Aura tooltip and rebalanced it
Fixed Slow Poison's tooltip
Tweaked Frost Arrow
Wooden Shield can now be bought first after round 1
Fixed some ulti's level skip requirement
Fixed description for all summon spells

Download Here
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Version 1.02
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