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 Version 1.01

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PostSubject: Version 1.01   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:22 pm

Mighty Stomp now reduces damage by affected units by 50% for 6 seconds.
Forked Lightning now also purges targeted units. Slighty remade casting area.
Added a stun effect on Flame Strike
Shadow Strike will now spread to the units withing 300 range of the shadow striked unit
Buffed Sea Elementals passive a bit
Added secondary effect to Berserk -> Will increase your summoned units attack speed by 50%.
Bears Maul level 2 increased chance to 25%
Buffed Soul Burn
Balanced Flame Strike
Fixed the Marketplace and Offensive Recipe Shop's vision
Fixed Lightning Shield
Tweaked cost and bonuses from Gem of mana and Gem of vitality
Thorns Aura is now Thorns Armor and Vampiric Attack -> Vampiric Aura
Maul of Strength, Magic Wand and Oak Bows cost from 1000->900
Blink Strike now deals 50+Level*Agi/2
Tweaked Frost Nova and Homing Missile in comparison to each other.
Rebalanced heroes start mana
It now spawns 24 creeps instead of 36. Hp, damage and bounty have been inscreased to balance it out.
Fixed bug with Multishot

Scroll of Teleportation
Staff of Blinding
Shadow Orb
Warning Bell


Terrifying Roar
Sadist (used in Shadow Orb)

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Version 1.01
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